A downloadable reactions for Windows

You got caught stealing food in front of the king and have been slammed in jail!

Waking up in your detention room you find a bizarre device that instantly threatens to disintegrate you!

May you become friends with it and escape back to the outer world!?

Exploit various chemical reactions to juke the wardens, overcome obstacles and make your way out of this underground prison in this low poly sandbox adventure!

  • WASD for movement.
  • Press E to pick up objects
  • Press R to drop the objects
  • Press F to scan objects
  • Press Space to try to make the objects react
  • Press Esc to open the Codex

We are Logos/Ludos, an innovative video game studio based in Turin, Italy. We develop videogames and softwares based on real knowledge. Our goal is to create new kinds of gaming experiences that are more exciting, valuable and engaging thanks to the combination between gaming and tangential learning.

We believe that videogames have an unexploited potential of delivering constructive content without having to sacrifice the most important side: entertainment. We are all gamers, and grew up with games such as Age of Empires and Call of Duty that taught us many cool things about history without pretending to be educational. In such games, the real knowledge is creating value for the player and not destroying it and this is what we want to achieve as a videogame studio.

DISCLAIMER: This game is our submission to the Game Off 2019 game jam. We developed it for fun and to establish a baseline for a future concept. We would love to get to know your thoughts on the game feel! Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated!

We hope you enjoy playing it! :)

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Install instructions

Download, unzip and play, if you can.


BuildReaction.zip 35 MB

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